Company Profile

Company Profile

Ellawala Horticulture is a pioneer in the field of agriculture in Sri Lanka using modern technology and methods to grow mango.  In addition to developing its own techniques, the company has adapted technology used in Australia, Thailand and India.  The TJC Mango is an important landmark in the development of Sri Lankan fruit for export.

The company is collaborating closely with the Mahaweli Authority to encourage farmers throughout the Mahaweli areas to grow TJC Mango.

Ellawala Exports (Pvt) Ltd., the holding company was founded in 1978 to export gems, and rapidly became a leading exporter of gem stones and gem set jewellery from Sri Lanka. Ellawala Exports is the winner of many exports awards from both the Export Development Board and the National Gem and Jewellery Authority for its export performance.

In 1992, it decided to diversify into agriculture, and accordingly obtained the lease of Dambewatana Farm from the Mahaweli Authority, and renamed it as ‘Rajarata Farm’. From the beginning, it followed a strategic plan, concentrating on mangoes for export using advance technology and management.

Considering the limited land availability in our island nation, Ellawala Horticulture is currently experimenting with higher planting densities in order to obtain better yields per acre.

Ellawala Horticulture was a winner of National Agribusiness Council Agri-Business Award in 2008.

In recognition of the value of the TJC Mango variety, a tree was planted in the official residence of the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka.

In keeping with the company’s policy of producing high quality products, it is now certified by GLOBAL G.A.P as a farm using best agricultural practices.

Where to Buy

During season, TJC Mangos are available at Rripe, Carlwil Place/Marine Drive, Kollupitiya and at all leading supermarkets.

For wholesale please contact

Email :
Tel : +94112575756 (head office) or
  +9466567025 1(farm), 0779323334(Rripe), 0254929609(Rripe)