Ellawala Horticulture provided TJC mango plants for the school garden development program of the Dambewatana School. The Dambewatana Village School which is adjacent to the Farm has 120 students from Grades 1 through 8.  The school generated an income of Rs. 354,000.00 from the school garden in 2009.  Part of the income was used to plant another 1000 TJC Mango trees as an investment for the school’s future.  Balance income was used to renovate an abandoned building and equip a computer room.

Ellawala Horticulture will continue to support local schools annually in a similar manner.  The Mahaweli System has over 700 similar schools which could benefit in the same way.

Where to Buy

During season, TJC Mangos are available at Rripe, Carlwil Place/Marine Drive, Kollupitiya and at all leading supermarkets.

For wholesale please contact

Email : ellawala.horticulture@gmail.com
Tel : +94112575756 (head office) or
  +9466567025 1(farm), 0779323334(Rripe), 0254929609(Rripe)