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Rajarata Farm, Galkiriyagama is situated in the Mahaweli System ‘H’, and is approximately 15km from Dambulla.  The extent of the farm is 140 acres.

It is a model farm visited by many government officials, farmers and enthusiasts.

The main crop on the farm is TJC Mango.

It is a quality mango renown for it luscious flavor and smooth flesh.

In addition to TJC Mango, the farm also grows Karthakolomban Mango, Willard Mango, Embul Banana, Coconut, Rice, Ambarella, Jambu and Grapes.

The farm has an Agriculture Department registered Grade 1 nursery.

The farm has a beautifully laid out herbal garden with over 100 varieties of plants used for Ayurvedic Medicine.  It is a collection that continues to grow and will be a very important resource base for the future.

There are 60 full-time employees on the farm.

Where to Buy

During season, TJC Mangos are available at Rripe, Carlwil Place/Marine Drive, Kollupitiya and at all leading supermarkets.

For wholesale please contact

Email : ellawala.horticulture@gmail.com
Tel : +94112575756 (head office) or
  +9466567025 1(farm), 0779323334(Rripe), 0254929609(Rripe)