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Ellawala Horticulture has developed an extensive outgrower network of nearly 1,000 farmers mainly in the North Central, Central and Southern Provinces. These outgrowers have either bought or received planting material produced in our nursery and have received training from us. They are closely supervised and supported by our extension officers with guidance on irrigation, pest and disease control, post-harvest handling and once harvested their produce is graded purchased by us at the best prevailing market prices.

Additionally, the Company has ongoing agreements with the Irrigation Department and the Agriculture Department to provide technical support and buy mango from farmer societies established by these Departments.

Our micro farmer group consisting of 11 farmers and 4 individual farms make up our organic produce outgrower base, providing the necessary raw materials for our organic food production. These outgrowers are certified under the National Organic Program (NOP), EU Organic and JAS organic standards.

The company collaborates with farmers throughout the Mahaweli areas to grow TomEJC Mango. Ellawala Horticulture has also assisted various government ministries and departments to provide TomEJC mango plants, train and disseminate technology to farmers.