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A large number of grafted and certified TomEJC plants are produced by the Company annually in our Grade 1 nursery registered with the Department of Agriculture. Since the original TomEJC mother plants belong to the Company, it makes us the most exclusive source of reliable certified TomEJC Mango plants.

Carefully selected mother plants ensure that the best planting material is used at all times. Our highly skilled and experienced grafting personnel and the best practices that have been developed by us over two decades means we are the best source for authentic TomEJC planting material. Buying plants from our nursery eliminates the risks of buying uncertified bogus varieties.

Additionally, for our buyers, we provide all the necessary technical support to establish and maintain a successful TomEJC mango cultivation which includes in-house training programs and a handbook replete with vital information, which is a service no other plant nursery in Sri Lanka will provide.


In addition to the propagation of TomEJC plants, our plant nursery also produces several other mango varieties (karathacolomban, Villard, malwana etc), coconut saplings, various other fruit varieties such as Bibile Sweet Orange, lime, Jackfruit, pomegranate and ambarella (Jamaica Plum).

We also produce a selection of indigenous forestry plants such as Mee (Madhuca longifolia), Bulu (Terminalia bellirica), Kumbuk (Terminalia arjuna) and many other varieties as an important part of our contribution towards conservation and reforestation.